I’m a correspondent and a video host for NPR, the American broadcast network which puts out shows you might drive to — All Things Considered and Morning Edition, among others. So I do a lot of talking out loud into a microphone. My latest stories and favorites are aggregated and so are some selected podcast appearances, where I’m on as a guest talking about my work.

I am also a frequent guest host on NPR’s audio programs, filling in mostly on It’s Been a Minute, but also on our daily shows, Here & Now, ,All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. Some favorite interviews from hosting:

Anthony Carrigan
Steven Yeun
Weekly Wrap with guests Nate Rott and Steve Chiatakis

Before that, I launched and hosted the Texas Tribune’s weekly political podcast, the Tribcast, which remains the organization’s flagship show.

I also make podcasts for commercial and editorial clients as the co-founder and CEO of the audio production company, Reasonable Volume. We make Influence, which is WeTransfer’s podcast, the Grist show Temperature Check, our own indie podcast, Labor, about the social science of parenthood, and other cool shows. Reach out if you want to make something together!

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